"According to the ancient health wisdom of India, Babylon, Egypt and China, regeneration and longevity can be greatly expanded when a person has mastery over their brain and heart waves."

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Go Vegetarian One Day A Week-Be kind to your body. Be kind to the animals. Be kind to our planet.
If everyone makes a slight change in diet, we can make a real difference to our world. Director of IPCC, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has stated that the meat and dairy industry contributes 18% of all the greenhouse gases that causes global warming. In comparison, all the air, land, and water traffic produces 13%. (IPCC shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007.)
We are encouraging people everywhere to pledge "Go Vegetarian 1 Day A Week". (more than 1 day is even better, of course). Show your support by pledging (joining) the Facebook group -sign up to join Go Vegetarian One Day A Week. If you're not on Facebook, please make your pledge by signing up at the Zen Center of Sunnyvale. Our goal: 100,000 people. This will effect a change of lifestyle for human beings.>> Read More
>> Vegetarian Recipes - by Buddha Gate Monastery  
>> Buddhism and Vegetarianism -by Grand Master Wei Chueh
>> Renewable Energy-Power for Sustainable Future by Diana Ma, Ph.D., a VP of SunPower Corp. 

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