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Vegetarian Recipes
by Buddha Gate Monastery
Three months of vegetarian dishes (Weeks 1 - 25)
Week 4         
Heart of Napa Cabbage with Mushroom Sauce Green Beans and Color Peppers Tofu and Monkey-Head Mushroom Bamboo and Chestnut Simmered In Sauce Three Mushrooms Soup
Week 3         
Roasted Oyster Mushrooms Five Flavored Egg Plants Bean Curd Wrap Nagaimo Root with Mustard Green Tomato Cabbage Soup
Week 2         
Spicy Vegetarian Chicken with Mushroom
Bean Curd Wrap
Spicy Vegetarian Chicken with Mushroom Bean Curd Wrap Stir Fry Chayote Squash Arhats Gathering Winter Melon Soup
Week 1

Vegetarian Smoked Steak with Cashews

Five Contemplations Before A Meal 食存五觀

Translation of the Five Contemplations which is used before meals in the monastery:

This offering is the fruit of many's work and care;
Reflecting on my conduct, "Am I worthy of a share?"
Be wary of the poisons, the foremost being greed;
Seeing food as medicine, I take only what I need,
Solely for cultivation, to realize the Buddha Way.
With gratitude I accept this offering today.

(It is slightly modified from the excellent version Shifu from Rev. Heng Sure of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery.)


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